Pisum Genetics 

Volume 23


New Variety

page 54

New variety: 'Kwestor'

In 1991 the new variety for dry seeds, 'Kwestor' was registered in Poland. Stem length 90 cm, TGW 250 g, yellow cotyledons. In state trials 1988-1990 the seed yield was 4 dt/ha higher than the control (the mean from tested varieties was 43.9 dt/ha). The new variety was obtained by mutation breeding. In 1977 dry seeds of cv. Paloma (stem length - 55 cm) were treated by gamma rays (Co60, 10 kR) and in 1978 three mutant plants (high stem) were selected from the M2 population.

W.K. Swiecicki, T. Michalski and H. Kobielak

Plant Experiment Station, Wiatrowo, Poland

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