Pisum Genetics 

Volume 23


Germplasm Resources

page 54

VIR-USSR Pisum Collection and European Pisum database

In April 1991 Dr Serdyuk, curator of the pea collection at VIR-Leningrad, was the guest of the Plant Experiment Station in Wiatrowo. The main task of this visit was the European Pisum Catalogue (EPC). Dr Serdyuk and myself processed the latin alphabet version of the Russian database for passport information. The first section included in the EPC has covered only 1476 accessions from VIR. The actual version contains 4010 and in the future we plan to include the last section (about 1500 accessions). The VIR collection is a very important part of world pea resources because it covers mainly populations and ecotypes from places of origin of the species. The data will be added to the European Pisum database (see also PNL 22:96, 99-100, 1991).

K. Leraczyk

Plant Breeding Station, Wiatrowo, Poland

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