PNL Volume 17
Ardie G. Gustafson (1908 - 1984)
Ardie G. Gustafson, a well known and successful U.S. pea breeder,
died October 30, 1984, in Lewiston, Idaho. He was 75. We deem it
fitting to mark his passing in the pages of the PNL. Mr. Gustafson was
for many years a principal owner of the Western Valley Seed Company. He
sold his holdings to Crites-Moscow Growers, Inc. in 1975 but continued
on as a consultant and an independent breeder. During his career he
developed more than twenty varieties of processing type peas, many of
them used throughout the world. His variety 'Scout' was a leading pro-
cessing variety in England for many years. A number of his varieties
were notable for having multiple disease resistance.
He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Idaho in
1983 and was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Agricultural Botany,
Cambridge, England, in 1981. In 1979 Mr. Gustafson received the meri-
torious service award from the National Pea Improvement Association, a
U.S. organization whose members represent private industry and public
agencies. He received many other awards and was an active civic leader
in Lewiston where he resided for 50 years.
Mr. Gustafson is survived by his wife, Henriette, a son, and a
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