PNL Volume 11 19 79 ANNOUNCEMENT 86
Meeting on Pea Germplasm Held
The GRIP (Germplasm Resources Information Project) Pea Technical
Advisory Committee was recently organized in order to provide advice and
guidance with regard to GRIP-related activities at the Northeast Regional
Plant Introduction Station in Geneva, New York, U. S. A. Members of the
committee include: D. D. Dolan (Northeast Regional Plant Introduction
Coordinator, Geneva, NY), L. G. Cruger (Del Monte Corporation, California),
J. Kraft (US Dept. of Agriculture, Science and Education Administration,
Prosser, Washington), G. A. Marx (Geneva, New York), J. L. Morris (Rogers
Brothers Seed Co., Idaho), F. Muehlbauer (US Dept. of Agriculture, Science
and Education Administration, Washington), T. P. Reiling (Green Giant Co.,
Minnesota), and K. Rawal (Laboratory for Information Science in Agriculture,
Ft. Collins, Colorado).
The first meeting of the Pea Committee was held at Rochester, NY,
February 22-23, 1979, with Dr. Kraft absent. Dr. S. L. Telleen and P. Callus
of the Laboratory for Information Science in Agriculture provided working
papers and recorded the minutes.
In order to improve the quality and reliability of pea germplasm data,
the Committee identified and defined the most commonly desired descriptors
for peas. These descriptors will be used by the GRIP team in the design
of the information system being developed for the NPGS (National Plant
Germplasm System). The committee referred the critical disease and insect
pest descriptors to pea pathologists and entomologists for consideration.
These specialists will provide a complete and accurate list for final
approval at the second committee meeting.
Also identified were locations of many existing pea germplasm collections
which may provide useful data on pea accessions. The GRIP team was advised
to investigate the contents of these data by sending questionnaires to
the various sources. The results of the survey will be summarized and
reported to the committee at the next meeting in November, 1979, at Madison,
Wisconsin, concurrent with the biennial meeting of the National Pea Improve-
ment Association.
Editor's Note: The above article relates mainly to Plant Introduction
accessions, most of which are not genetically well defined. Later discussions
will consider how to handle genetic collections as such.
Vol. 10, 1978:
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